S. Frederick Starr (ed.), Xinjiang. China’s Muslim Borderland

Xinjiang : China's Muslim borderland

London, Armonk, NY, M.E. Sharpe, 2004, 506 p.

Permalink:https://lib.ugent.be/catalog/rug01:000833288Title:Xinjiang: China’s Muslim borderland / Frederick S. Starr, editor.ISBN:0765613182Author: Starr, Frederick S.
Millward, James A.
Perdue, Peter C.
Tursun, Nabijan
Gladney, Dru C.
Shichor, Yitzhak
Wiemer, Calla
Benson, Linda
Roberts, Sean R.
Troops, Stanley W.
Dutcher, Jay
Rudelson, Graham
Jankowiak, William
Fuller, Graham E. viaf
Lipman, Jonathan Neaman viaf
Bovingdon, GardnerPublisher: Armonk (N.Y.) : Sharpe, 2004.Description:XV, 484 p.Series: Studies of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Introduction / S. Frederick Starr
Political and cultural history of the Xinjiang region through the late nineteenth century / James A. Millward and Peter C. Perdue
Political history and strategies of control, 1884-1978 / James A. Millward and Nabijan Tursun
The Chinese program of development and control, 1978-2001 / Dru C. Gladney
The great wall of steel: military and strategy in Xinjiang / Yitzhak Shichor
The economy of Xinjiang / Calla Wiemer
Education and social mobility among minority populations in Xinjiang / Linda Benson
A land of borderlands: implications of Xinjiang’s trans-border interactions / Sean R. Roberts
The demography of Xinjiang / Stanley W. Toops
The ecology of Xinjiang: a focus on water / Stanley W. Toops
Public health and social pathologies in Xinjiang / Jay Dautcher
Acculturation and resistance: Xinjiang identities in flux / Justin Rudelson and William Jankowiak
Islam in Xinjiang / Graham E. Fuller and Jonathan N. Lipman
Contested histories / Gardner Bovingdon, with contrib. by Nabijan Tursun
Responses to Chinese rule: patterns of cooperation and opposition / Dru C. Gladney

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